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Taking the stress out of managing a property

Be it houses for rent or apartments for rent, at KONNECT we understand the importance of leasing your property as smoothly and quickly as possible. Furthermore, the right property management, with the right mix of expert customer service and experienced managerial skills, can do wonders for your valuable asset. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and hands-on approach and you can be confident that you (and your tenants) are in great hands.

Existing Leasing

Understanding the leasing market and constantly monitoring your investment’s performance is integral to success. We also work towards attracting the best quality tenants to your property.

Settlement Leasing

Getting your investment off to the right start is critical. With prior access to the building, KONNECT offers you an invaluable edge in ensuring your property gets rented at the earliest.


We simply the complex process of selling homes


Our professional marketing team will ensure your property is well prepared for marketing. With 10+ years of experience in the Sydney real estate and property market, we create personalised strategies, suited to your budget, and work to project your property to the ideal target segment.


Our professional licensed agents have an extensive knowledge of the Sydney property market, current real estate trends and general demand. This enables owners to be realistic and simultaneously achieve their desired goals in the shortest possible time frame.


Our property portfolio matches all prospective tenant's needs

Our extensive portfolio includes all kinds of rental properties in Sydney ranging from budget apartments and luxury apartments to suburban homes. Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured, we will get you connected.

How much is your property worth?

Get in touch to learn more about current market trends and conditions and local property sale and rental values.